Go Hillary, go!

Seven valid (!) reasons you should support Hillary Clinton.


Ok, here we are, speaking about another Presidential election, and yes, I’m for HILLARY CLINTON, not only because she is a woman and I am a woman, this is a matter of fact, I will give you 7 valid (!!!) reasons why you should support her:


1- She’s the “eternal second placed”.  That’s the truth, in her political career, she was always in second place, once with her husband Bill, she was the First Lady and everyone knows that the First Lady, in spite of the word “First”, has always to stay “a step back”. Then with Obama, against all the polls, she lost the presidential democratic primary and she became the Secretary of State. Always the second. Personally, I find something nice in eternal second. I’m a fan of this.

But now it’s time to emerge. Go Hillary!


2- Queen Elizabeth will have a serious competitor. Did you notice how old, serious and monastic are her tailors?!? Just take a look wrintig her name on Google and give a glance on the images that comes out: you will have the proof! If Hillary should start to wear strange flowered  hats the magic will be done! OMG! I don’t want miss this match!


3- Whatever happens she’ll go down in history. If Hillary won the election it would be the first time that both members of a married couple had been President of United States.. I don’t know if something similar could have happened in the world, maybe only in the ancient monarchy, not by choice in a democratic election.

Remembering the words of the 40th President Ronald Reagan “Never forget that this is America, the land where dreams come true.” and I say: WHY NOT ?!?

"Legally Blonde" movie poster
“Legally Blonde” movie poster


4- Because she’s a BLONDE. Hillary is indisputably blonde. Everyone knows that the tipical stereotype for a blonde is to be shallow, superficial and even stupid! This stereotype has been fueled by funny movies like “Legally Blonde”, “The House Bunny” and others, but now it’s time debunk this myth once and for all: SO let’s become all of us MythBusters voting for Hillary.


5- Wester power will be in the hands of TWO women.

Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel would be leading the USA and Germany, the two powerful states in the West at the moment. WOW. Can you image when they have to discuss about a critical matter and both have their hormonal swings?!? WTF!!! The third world war will be imminent!


Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel together
Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel together


6- She is a woman, so she can do two things in the same time. Can you image it? If you are woman YES, if you are men….. sorry! I know that now you are reading this article so you cannot do two things in the same time! 😛





7- Hillary’s Logo. Did you have not notice that Hillary’s logo reminds us to a typical road sign of a hospital? For sure!!! And here comes out the evil/genial mind of her graphics designer:send a subliminal message with the logo. And the message is very Very VERY subliminal.

Hillary's logo (www.illaryclinton.com)
Hillary’s logo                                  (from: www.illaryclinton.com)

As a matter of fact as we are think of a hospital the first impression is: disease, accident, fear, anxiety and many other not good feelings; but, and I underline BUT, if we go deeper, what does a hospital remind us?? A place full of individuals who take care of us, especially in emergency situations, that sometimes can save our life and THAT’S the reale message: Hillary can do that for US.

Hillary can do that for USA.

Genius……or not?


So friends that’s all. I’m hoping not to have hurt anyone with my ironic point of view.

And because we are in a Presidential atmosphere I leave you saying “God bless you and United States of America”

Bye bye!
ps: This article is translated from italian so if you find some errors please contact me, I will be grateful for your help!

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