Goodbye Alan Rickman

A brief comment on Alan Rickman/Professor Snape’s death

Dear Alan,

I knew you only with Harry Potter movies, but I liked you very much.

You were perfect for the part of the crabby, unpleasant and sometimes funny Professor Snape.

As a Potter-addict I can say that I loved your character from the beginning, I have always known that Professor Snape was not a bad man and Mrs Extraordinary Rowling had in mind something special for this character.

Severus Snape interpreted by Alan Rickman
Severus Snape interpreted by Alan Rickman in a very touching scene

Sometimes actors say that the negative side to play a role in a famous saga movies o tv series is to be trapped by his character and people don’t identify you as yourself but as the person that you perform.

I don’t agree with them.

Alan Rickman or Severus Piton? It doesn’t matter

I think it’s fantastic to have the opportunity to enter in people’s life and be remembered for something that surely cause entertainment for them. Will they remember you with the name of the character played and not with your real name? It doesn’t matter, that’s the price to pay beeing an actor.

The important, in my opinion, is that I had loved you, Alan Rickman, in that role, and I also loved so much Harry Potter books and movies that I can consider any character involved in it as a part of my life.

I don’t care if in your real life you were a asshole or arrogant or a very good person, in my mind you were Severus Snape.

So I’m very sad for your death Alan Rickman, in my mind you’ll be always the Half-blood Prince.

Alan Rickman, the Half Blood Prince in Harry Potter's movies.
Alan Rickman, the Half Blood Prince in Harry Potter’s movies.


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