Oscar night is coming!

Dear friends it’s friday and we are very near to one of the most famous event of the world: the Oscar Night.

The Oscar alla over the world

Well, I think that in Usa there some annual events more important than the Academy Awards like the Super Bowl right? But, sorry, I’m italian and I think that in Europe and in the world it’s really more famous the Golden Statuette than the night of Super Bowl.

Why? Only for a one stupid but clear reason: in that place, the Dolby Theatre of Los Angeles, for one night we have the possibility to see the most popular celebrity of the world all together.

The famous Oscar Selfie of last edition
The famous Oscar Selfie of last edition

It’s like a concentrate of American Dream in one night. Wow!

Think if for some case, like a loss of gas or somethign else, this theatre exploded we would lost an amount of assets that rapresents the GNP of half Africa. Double wow!

But that’s USA, especially for us foreigners: hugeness, richness, power.

Polemics, polemics, polemics!

Chris Rock (image from Wikipedia)

That’s why everyone in the world knows at least one name of a person that will seat in this theatre next Sunday, even if there are no blacks in any nomination, or, worst of all, they try to repair this small oversight giving the direction of the program (Show) at Chris Rock (who’s that guy?!?) and calling for guest stars a big number of coloured people. It’s something like “Oh shit, we made a huge mistake! Let’s remedy this embarrassing situation with other embarrassing action!”.

To be honest, this fact risks to put in second place all the cerimony even the probably (I hope!) Oscar for best actor for Leonardo Di Caprio, and it would be the joke in the joke if he achieved the award the year that we’ll remind at this night only for the absence of blacks instead of his victory.

Poor Leo, he’ll sink again with his ship!

Jokes aside, all the world is waiting for this special night with sequins, jewels and a lot of botox that let dream us about a world that we see only thought movies, because, mentioning the immortal Oscar Wilde, there is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.

Goodbye and good Oscar night!

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